Langside Roof CoatingsSeal & protect your roofing

Weathering, age and pollution can cause deterioration in the appearance of your Langside property, but can also cause roof tiles to become porous after around 20 years.

Water entering the tiles can often leads to the formation of moss, fungus, lichen and moisture retention, which in turn increases weight and stresses on the roof. In some cases tiles can begin to split through frost damage. Debris thrown off from moss growth is also likely to block gutters and drainage channels.

We follow a six step Langside roof coating process

  • We clean the Langside roof to remove all moss, lichen, and dirt
  • We make a thorough inspection of the roof before applying the coatings
  • We replace any tiles, re-bed and repoint any ridges
  • We apply fungicide solution which prevents further growth
  • We apply two protective waterproof coats, making your Langside roof as good as new
  • We apply the colour of your choice – wide range available to suite your taste

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Is it worth coating your Langside roof?

The end result of our Langside roof coating process will be the appearance of a brand-new roof. Our process also reduces the stress on the roof structure and will extend your Langside roof lifespan by at least 10 years.

By having the roof sealing process completed, your Langside roof will resist moss and mould growth. The coating also will improve gutter drainage.

Before & After Examples of Langside Roof Coating

Langside roofing sealed & protected


Why Choose B Varey & Son for Langside Roof Sealing?

We offer a friendly and efficient roof coating service around Langside. You will find us to be extremely thorough and reliable, with a great work ethic.

All roof coat work comes with a risk free guarantee too. Why not contact us in Langside for a free quote or just some advice on 0141 308 8557

  • Extend the life of your Langside roof or walls
  • Highly corrosion resistant roof coatings
  • 100% UV and weather proof roof coatings
  • Maintenance free - apply and forget!
  • Helps eliminate roof moss growth
  • Saves £££s on replacing your Langside roof

About Us

B Varey & Son is a family run business. We specialise in a complete range of property improvements from minor repairs to complete new roofs of all types from domestic roofs to commercial and agricultural roofs. B Varey & Son offer a professional and reliable service at very cost-effective rates.

We are especially proud of our roof sealing and coating service which can make old moss covered and weathered roofs look and perform like new for a lot less than the price of a replacement roof.

We offer a friendly and efficient service and you will find us to be extremely thorough and reliable. All work comes with a risk free guarantee too, why not contact us today for a free quote or just some advice on 0141 308 8557

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